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CECL Express - Key features

CECL Express has been developed to allow banks to transition to the new CECL standard efficiently and effectively for P&L smoothing and capital optimization.
  • Historical market data from the Fed, the FFEIC and FRED is pre-configured into CECL Express.
  • CECL Express is integrated at the core level with Finastra’s Phoenix system.
  • CECL Express can be easily integrated with any core loan system.
  • CECL Express provides full results and analysis across all pools and available CECL methods


To avoid steep increases in provision, banks should analyze all loan pools across all CECL methodologies and multiple stressed scenarios through what-if analyses.


To create the lowest capital impact and predictable P&L banks should quantify and analyze multi-dimensional combinations of pools, methods and stress tests.

Market Data

CECL is an accounting standard. This implies that its reporting should be comprehensive, rigorous and auditable across market data, assumptions and analysis.

Credit Loss Data

Banks have to use a combination of peer group and specific credit loss information. CECL Express allows both dimensions to be selected and reviewed.

Integration with core banking systems

CECL express is fully integrated with Finastra’s Phoenix system, using the FFDC (Fusion Fabric) framework. This implies that the implementation for Phoenix users is essentially complete from the very first usage of the system. Other core systems can be easily integrated.
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